With more parents and students embracing the convenience of cards and mobile wallets to pay fees and bills, the ability for schools and Educational Training Boards (ETBs) to accept card payments is vital. Sector-specific digital payment options like BOIPA’s Way2Pay solution are easing the administrative payment burden historically associated with taking cash, bank drafts and cheque payments.

How our card terminals helped a Howth school smash their fundraising goals

BOIPA was able to help Scoil Mhuire meet its fundraising targets with a card terminal so reliable it became part of the team. “We call our BOIPA card terminal George and he’s now a vital member of our team who accompanies us to all our fundraising efforts. George has made it easy for us to collect money. He removes the barrier to donations. You still have the challenge to convince people of your cause. But once they arrive at that decision, George has made it easy to convert that ‘yes’ into money,” notes Darragh Richardson, Scoil Mhuire Treasurer.

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Way2Pay: Ireland’s leading digital payment solution for schools

Along with adopting card terminals onsite, educational institutions are improving administrative efficiencies and safety around payments while more accurately managing pupil payment data through Way2Pay from BOIPA. 

The innovative, pay-by-link solution makes it more convenient for parents and students to pay bills.

How Way2Pay works

BOIPA’s Way2Pay is an innovative pay-by-link solution with reporting functionality developed specifically for the education sector. Way2Pay allows schools and training boards to request and track payments from parents or students. Simply send a payment link by text or email to allow recipients to pay securely.

Higher income through improved collection rates from card payments

With Irish people familiar with using cards and smartphones to complete everyday payments, cashless payment solutions like Way2Pay are helping them pay the way they want, which translates to faster and higher collection rates. 

Taking digital payments reduces administrative overhead

Tasks associated with handling cash and cheque payments, like making trips to the bank, are considerably reduced by offering digital payments. It also limits the number of jobs administrators are required to do, giving them more time to concentrate on what matters most. 

A range of solutions to suit parent and student payment expectations

The ability to send payments via SMS or email allows parents and students to pay through their card or digital wallet as soon as they can from wherever they want. Our virtual terminal feature on Way2Pay also allows payments to be taken over the phone through our easy to use payment dashboard.  

Access to real-time reporting can track payments and send reminders

With Way2Pay’s intuitive interface and reporting system, managers and administrators have greater transparency to track payment journeys, along with the ability to send reminder texts or emails when necessary. This also improves payment consolidation processes. 

Security and fraud risks are reduced with less cash on-site or at events

Having less cash onsite means the opportunity for theft and fraud to occur are significantly lessened and supports a safer environment for both students and staff. 

Get started straight-away with straightforward installation and experienced customer support

All you need to do is send our Way2Pay team your student data and will set up your account and provide training to get you up and running. As our team adds new features, they’ll let you know to ensure you get optimal service from our best-in-class software. 

Way2Pay scores full marks from schools and ETBs

Taking digital payments relieves security concerns for Cork secondary school

Cash payments got the job done for St Peter’s, but it caused inefficiencies compared with emerging digital approaches to payment acceptance. A security breach in Spring 2018 was the final straw that convinced the school to switch to Way2Pay’s digital income collection system for schools.

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