In-store payments

We help your business seamlessly accept card payments.

Take payments at the till—or around the shop floor

Whether you’re looking to take card payments at the till or around the shop floor, we offer a wide range of card machines to fit your business.

With built-in contactless technology, you can reduce customer waiting times and process fast and secure credit and debit card payments. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to take your business to the next level, we have you covered. Our specialists can provide you with a free evaluation to ensure that you have all the right tools to accept payments from any customer who may walk through your door.

Looking for the right hardware?

Behind the counter, on the floor or on the go, our terminals are flexible, portable and powerful solutions with “do-business-anywhere” connectivity.

PAX A920 Pro

Modernise your business with an Android SmartPOS terminal. BOI Payment Acceptance has teamed up with PAX, a leading provider of POS technology solutions to provide your business with the payment tools it needs to take payments anytime, anywhere. The Pax A920 Pro has a 5.5inch HD touch screen and can be used on the go with 4G capabilities. It also works over WIFI and Bluetooth and has a built in scanner!

Lane 3000

Designed to manage thousands of transactions per day, the Lane 3000 is a cutting-edge retail card terminal, ideal for busy retailers. Incorporating a robust design for even the most demanding retailers, a high end keypad for a seamless PIN entry, and easy to integrate at any lane or retail kiosk.

Unattended terminals

The iSelf Series from Ingenico allows easy and secure integration of cashless payments into self-service business, while providing a simple consumer experience through an easy-to-use interface. Our range of iSelf terminals cater to all self-service market segments including Retail, Hospitality, Vending and Transportation.

Self 2000

Compact, attractive and scalable contactless payment solution for self-service business.

Self 4000

Compact, engaging and scalable all-in-one payment solution for your self-service indoor and outdoor kiosks.

Self 5000

Part of the Self series, the Self 5000 is the best-in-class secure contactless terminal, designed to help you grow your self-service business.

New to card payments?

Try our card terminals for 5 months and if you are not happy you can terminate your contract without penalty.*

*Terms and conditions apply.

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Ready Made Plans

We have three fixed-price plans to suit small businesses with varying levels of card spend. Customers can flex up (and down) between plans to suit their business needs. For each bundle you get a monthly allocation of card spend for a fixed fee (e.g. €4000 card spend for a fixed fee of €60), inclusive of card terminal rental. If you have a monthly card turnover greater than €8000, or other more specific requirements, we can offer you a bespoke, tailor-made pricing plan that is customised to your particular business.