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BOIPA Card Machines

Whether you’re looking to take card payments in store or on the go, we offer a wide range of card machines to fit your business.

Card Machines


BOIPA entered the Irish market in 2015 to bring the best value card payment options to businesses around the country. Whatever business you’re in, whether it’s big or small, on the web or on Main Street, simple or complex, we have the perfect payment acceptance solution for you. BOIPA offers solutions for accepting payments both through point-of-sale (POS) card machines, and online solutions.

Our card terminal range allows businesses to accept payments in-store and on-the-go. All of our terminals offer contactless functionality and an intuitive colour interface to provide an enhanced payment experience for your business and customers. Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) can be enabled on any of our card machines which will allow you to offer your international customers the convenience and choice to pay the bill in their own currency rather than in Euro. You’ll receive a rebate from BOI Payment Acceptance with each DCC transaction, so the more international business you do, the more you grow your revenue.

Card Terminal Types

Fixed Terminal

Fixed card terminals are ideal for businesses with a fixed point of sale such as retail shops and bars. The Ingenico Tetra 3500 card terminal has contactless functionality and a intuitive colour interface to provide an enhanced payment experience.

Portable Terminal

Portable card terminals are a great option for businesses where payment needs to be taken around the premises, such as restaurants and cafés. The Ingenico Tetra 3500 Move is the perfect terminal to enable your customers to pay anywhere within your premises. This terminal has a crisp colour screen and accepts all forms of contactless payments.

Mobile Terminal

Mobile terminals are perfect for businesses on the move such as tradesmen or market stalls. The Ingenico Tetra Move 3500 3G card terminal allows businesses to accept payments without the need for WiFi or telephone lines. This card terminal uses GRPS technology and can be used to take payment anywhere in the country.

Find out more about our Ingenico Tetra card terminals here

BOIPA Tetra Card Terminal

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