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ACE Awards Winner v2 and Barry Gray

Putting the customer first

BOI Payment Acceptance (BOIPA) launched our Voice of Customer (VoC) programme in 2016 as a key component of our customer strategy. Together with our CX expert and partner W5, we started by identifying the relevant parts of the customer lifecycle we needed to measure and track. We prioritised the ‘Recently Onboarded’ and ‘In Life’ journey stages. We also identified ‘Problem Resolution’ as another key ‘moment of truth’.

The initial focus of our VoC was of course to resolve the more obvious customer irritants. Towards the end of 2018 however, it became clear we needed to make a step change in our customer experience measurement approach. We knew that many of our customers who had signed up in 2015/2016 in the early years of our business would soon start coming out of contract. We risked high attrition rates if we were not delivering best in class customer experience through the full lifecycle.

What followed was a complete review of the VoC programme with our CX measurement partner W5. All previous conventions and assumptions were challenged. The result was a new CX feedback management strategy built on the Confirmit platform based on 2 pillars:

  1. Enhanced real-time feedback loop and processes
  2. Staff engagement and continuous feedback loop

We believe our new and improved VoC programme is unique in that we put measurement at the heart of it, knowing that this has the power to drive the right behaviours and right initiatives. Our ability to measure has enabled us to democratise ownership of the CX agenda across the length and breadth of the organisation. The ability for all staff – from Senior Management to staff on the coalface to hear customer feedback firsthand is essential. The ability to easily view and share verbatims means we are literally hearing the voice of the customer.  The Confirmit platform and in particular the ease of creating relevant and timely dashboards has been a key enabler of this.

This has created an environment of continuous learning and improvement and a relentless focus on ‘what else can we do?’ which is the basis for our process improvements and staff training. Importantly we have been able to demonstrate that the impact of listening to customers drives good business.

We are therefore very proud to receive an ACE (Achievement in Customer Excellence) award in the “Voice of Customer” category. It is recognition for businesses like ours who challenge convention and continually question how we can do better for our customers. Gathering the right insight is critical in understanding customer engagement, performance and satisfaction. Winning this award is a compliment for the entire BOIPA team for a job well done.

And now more than ever in these challenging times for all businesses, it motivates us to do even better to help out customers in the weeks and months ahead.

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