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Way2Pay, in partnership with BOIPA, is Ireland’s fastest growing cashless payment solution for schools. Allow School parents pay by text instantly on their smartphones with just a few simple clicks.

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Limited Offer

Sign up to BOIPA by December 13th 2019


We are offering new Way2Pay customers FREE* use of a card payment terminal. The card terminal can complement your online Way2Pay solution allowing you to take adhoc card payments from parents or pupils face-to-face.

*Free card payment terminal terms & conditions

The free card payment terminal offer (“The promotion”) is open to active Way2Pay customers who process their card payments through BOI Payment Acceptance (BOIPA).

Promotion description:

The promotion is open only to active Way2Pay customers who process their card payments through BOI Payment Acceptance (BOIPA). The promotion entitles eligible customers to receive a refurbished Ingenico card payment terminal at no cost. To be eligible for the promotion, the merchant must sign-up to a BOPA payment acceptance agreement.


You are only eligible to participate in this promotion if you meet the eligibility criteria set forth in the terms and conditions.


To participate in the promotion you must accept the promotion terms and conditions set out below.

Terms and conditions:


Defined terms.

Way2Pay Customers” means any business who holds an active Way2Pay account and card processing with BOIPA.

“Participant” or “You” means you.

“Processor” means EVO Payments International GmbH,  trading as BOI Payment Acceptance.

“Refurbished Terminal” means a used Ingenico card payment terminal which has been fully refurbished by Ingenico.

“Payment Acceptance Agreement” means the card processing agreement between you and BOIPA.

“Pay By Text” means that Way2Pay notify parents of requested payments by text containing a link to the payment portal where payment can be made.

“Free Use” means use of an Ingenico card terminal with no monthly payment required. This excludes card processing costs which are covered by your payment acceptance agreement with BOIPA.


Eligibility criteria

The promotion is only available to Way2Pay customers who do not have card processing with BOIPA.

BOIPA reserves the right to verify the eligibility of all claims and may, in its sole discretion, refuse to provide the free card terminal if the customer fails to satisfy eligibility requirements or gives false or misleading information.

The promotion is not available to participants that are ineligible for processor’s services.

The promotion is not available to existing customers of the processor or any of its affiliates.


General terms

The promotion structure is subject to modification or limitation at any time, with or without notice, in processor’s sole discretion, including, without limitation, the right to establish additional conditions for eligibility.

Participant agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions and represents and warrants to processor that all information provided is accurate, up-to-date and complete.

Processor reserves the right to modify or terminate the promotion and these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Processor shall calculate savings in its sole and absolute discretion.

Payments will be made by credit transfer as soon as is practical.

BOIPA does not accept any liability for lost or delayed payments, howsoever caused.

BOIPA reserves the right to withhold and/or refuse payment where we suspect that any false or fraudulent claim is being made.

Processor reserves the right to totally or partially cancel or change the promotion, with or without prior notice.

Processor reserves the right to approve, deny or revoke participation in the promotion to any individual for any reason whatsoever.

Processor will use reasonable efforts to ensure that sufficient prior warning is given should the promotion be cancelled, but will not be responsible for any losses or damages caused by its cancellation or modification.

If you elect to accept a terminal sourced from EVO you shall adhere to all provisions of the equipment hire agreement supplied in connection with the same, regardless of whether monthly fees in connection with same are waived.



These terms and conditions and the promotion will be interpreted, construed and enforced, and governed in all aspects in accordance with the exclusive jurisdiction and laws of Ireland.

Any claim, action, lawsuit, proceeding, or cause of action arising under or relating to these terms and conditions and/or the program will be brought exclusively in a court in Ireland.

The most effective way for schools to collect fees

Higher income collection

People are using cards and smartphones to pay for more and more everyday purchases. Digital payment solutions like Way2Pay are proven to result in higher fee collection rates.

Lower administrative overhead

With card payments the money takes itself to the Bank so you don’t have to, freeing up time to do more important tasks.

Range of payment solutions to suit your needs

You can send payments to school parents via SMS or we can provide a card terminal to take payments face to face or over the phone.

Real-time reporting

Provides immediate transparency with real time reporting showing exactly who has / has not paid.

Less risk of fraud / security

Increases security around money in schools – become a cashless school over time reducing exposure to fraud and break-ins.

Free and simple set-up / installation

BOIPA and Way2Pay will set-up the solution for you and conduct all training on site so that school staff and administrators are fully up to speed.

Exceptional value and service

Transparent Pricing

BOIPA is the only provider in the market that does not charge hidden fees - No Auth fees, No minimum monthly fees, No PCI fees, No set-up fees.

Great value

No monthly recurring charges. With BOIPA you simply pay a small fee per transaction. Our partnership with Way2Pay means great savings and preferential pricing for all users.

Exceptional service

Our eCommerce support team will ensure a quick and seamless set-up. We also have an Irish based Call Centre operating 24/7 should you need any help along the way.

St.Peter’s School, Cork


Cash payments had always got the job done for St Peter’s but was causing inefficiencies compared with emerging digital approaches to payment acceptance. A security breach in Spring 2018 was the final straw that convinced the school to switch to Way2Pay’s digital income collection system for schools.

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