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BOI Payment Acceptance helps taxi driver to grow his business

David Gregan works for himself as an independent taxi driver in Dublin. His business has grown thanks to the ability to accept Debit and Credit cards. Customers love the convenience factor, and David loves the assurance he will be paid and the increased safety that comes with carrying less cash.

We spoke to David to find out how his business has benefitted from accepting card payments, and in particular the difference he has felt since moving to BOI Payment Acceptance.


In the not so distant past, taxi driving was a cash only business and carrying cash always placed drivers at risk of theft and robbery. So the growth of card acceptance in taxis has been a huge benefit for both customers and drivers.

However, not all card payment providers are the same and David discovered this almost immediately.

“My previous card payment provider were a disaster. They promised me that I would have no problems with connectivity. ‘1000%’ they assured me when I asked about this! However from the word go, I lost connections constantly. It was so bad that I cancelled the service after 3 days.”

To add insult to injury, they wanted to charge David a €300 cancellation fee even though David almost instantly cancelled the service. Thankfully, after reviewing their recorded calls, where David was assured of connectivity guarantees, they relented and didn’t charge him the cancellation fee in the end.

Another problem David encountered was that not all card payment providers were compatible with all the various networks in Ireland. “I prefer to use the Vodafone network, but the system on my previous provider couldn’t find that network – it was another reason I was unhappy with their service.”

After cancelling this contract, David tried a mobile payment app, for his card payments. However, it was prone to crashing and was just unpredictable. “I could be driving someone to the middle of nowhere on the understanding that they would pay with a card, only for the system to crash. This was extremely inconvenient and sometimes left me out of pocket.”

With the increase in card usage amongst young and old customers, using cash only was never an option. David knew he needed a dependable card payment provider and turned to BOI Payment Acceptance about 18 months ago.

Meter in a Taxi at Night

Easy to set-up and dependable connectivity

Since moving to BOIPA, the issues he has experienced in the past have remained in the past. Thanks to BOIPA and the Ingenico GPRS card terminal, David no longet has any connectivity issues and can take payments 100% of the time from any location.

“BOIPA’s pricing is very reasonable and the set-up was easy. An engineer called to my house and set me up in minutes. He showed me how to use the device and it was incredibly simple to get to grips with and use straight away.”

Smoother transactions and better customer service

“BOIPA has definitely helped me overcome my previous challenges when it comes to payment collection. It has helped greatly with the connectivity issues I had previously encountered. Also, people can now see that I accept cards (with in car signage) and it saves me having to detour to ATMs to get cash, so that’s a bonus. It’s been great for customer satisfaction”

“For example, it could be late at night and I’m with a couple of other taxi’s waiting for customers at a rank. Customers ask the taxis if we accept cards, and if the other guys don’t, I win the business. That’s happened quite a few times. Yes, it’s definitely helping me win business.”

A BOIPA Card Payment Terminal that offers cashback

Would you recommend BOIPA?

“Of course! It’s reasonably priced and has great connectivity and they are at the end of the phone if there is a problem. Getting up and running was incredibly quick and easy so all in all, I will definitely recommend BOIPA to other taxi drivers.”


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