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JYSK Group is a furniture brand selling household goods such as beds, mattresses, dining tables, bathroom accessories and soft furnishings. The group has over 2,800 stores worldwide and boasts an annual turnover of €3.58 billion. Ahead of the first Irish store openings in 2019, JYSK’s Irish team faced the challenge of meeting high public interest with smooth service from day #1. We spoke to JYSK Group’s Financial Manager for the ROI and the UK, Kim Blackwell, and Slobodanka Subic, Store Manager at JYSK in Naas, to find out how BOI Payment Acceptance helped the brand accomplish a successful launch.

Card payments within the retail sector

Back office times for card per day account for 28 minutes compared with 94 minutes for cash

One in four card payments are now contactless

Increasing the volume of card payments to 80% of accepted payments can play a crucial part in lowering admin costs, saving a business as much as €6,000 annually

BOIPA is partnered with Captiva POS to offer convenient, secure and cost effective integrated payment solutions for retailers.

Run your business better

talech, in partnership with BOIPA, provides a feature rich tablet based EPOS system optimised for the Retail and Hospitality sectors. Whether you’re a small independent outlet or a larger retail chain of franchise, talech provides all you need to run your business better.

To find out more about how an EPOS could help your business, check out our smart EPOS talech or give us a call.

“We switched to BOIPA back in 2015 and are delighted we did ever since. The transition was seamless and our account manager has made sure we always receive top quality customer service whenever we have needed it. It is important for our business to have a highly reliable card processing system, especially as the desire of our customers to purchase by card increases each year.”

– Ger Keane

“BOIPA came in and saved the day by providing terminals for our Naas store at very short notice. I find that if I’ve got questions, I can get hold of our account manager really quickly and get answers in minutes”

– Kim Blackwell


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