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Physiotherapy Session with Yoga Ball

DBC Chartered Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine

“As the number of card payments is increasing, it’s really important we get the best rates possible. For every euro we take in with BOIPA, we’re paying a lower percentage than with our previous supplier. Overall, the big thing was to find a provider offering good value and no downtime regarding terminals and communication.” – Liam Heavin, Founder, DBC

Read the full case study to find out how BOIPA provides great savings and a superior service for DBC.

Touchstore – Castle Pharmacy Dalkey

“BOIPA’s integration with TouchStore means we can process transactions efficiently and accurately. It saves us time and stress, and I no longer have to worry about things not adding up at the end of the day “ – James Wixted, Owner.

Read the full case study to find out how Castle Pharmacy reaps the benefits of BOIPA’s integration with Touchstore.

Card payments within the medical sector

Back office administration times for card per day account for 28 minutes compared with 94 minutes for cash*

Increasing the volume of card payments to 80% of accepted payments can play a crucial part in lowering admin costs, saving a business as much as €6,000 annually*

67% of BOIPA medical merchants believe the general increase in non-cash over cash transactions have benefited their business.**

Just over 40% of medical/dental BOIPA merchants say the majority of their transactions are now through card.**

38% of BOIPA medical merchants believe going cashless made admin simpler.**

*2017 Visa Report – The Future of Payments for Irish SMEs

    **2023 Annual BOIPA Sentiment Survey


Contactless Payment Using a Card Machine - Available with BOI Payment Acceptance (BOIPA)
Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists

BOIPA is partnered with the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists to offer all members great value card payments.

Clanwilliam Health Logo

Clanwilliam Health and BOIPA have come together to provide integrated solutions for GP’s and pharmacies nationwide.

Socrates from Clanwilliam Health is complete GP practice management software which allows GP’s to seamlessly manage their practice and their patients journey all from the same location.

logo of smart EPOS software

Smart ePOS is the latest ‘Electronic Point Of Sale’ (EPOS) software offering from Clanwilliam Health.

Dublin Back Clinic Logo

“We haven’t had any card terminal downtime across any of the clinics, and the last time I checked, BOIPA’s rates were the best on the market. These improvements, plus smartphone payments being enabled, have made a big difference.”

– Lian Heavin, DBC Chartered Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine

Scanlons Pharmacy Logo

“We are delighted with the service since moving to BOI Payment Acceptance and are also enjoying considerable cost savings.”

– Daire Scanlon, Scanlons Pharmacy

“Since moving to BOIPA a few years ago, we reap the benefits with cost saving and efficiency and reconciling is no trouble.  Their customer service is excellent and their engineer is a gem to work with. I would recommend BOIPA for any business.”

– Noeleen Ryan,  Kissanes pharmacy


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