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Coffee2Go improves their customer experience

“For a business that serves an average of 20,000 customers per month, we know that our clientele’s time is precious. With the BOI Payment Acceptance Ingenico Tetra, you can simply tap and go.”

Seamless payment processes — redefining customer satisfaction

In a world where cash is no longer king and instant gratification is the norm, innovations in technology are enabling retailers to remove friction from the customer journey, and better serve their clientele while improving business operations.

Integrated payment solutions, for instance, connect point of sale (POS) systems and business applications that support payment processing, inventory management and customer loyalty in one place. In addition to empowering retailers to accept a wide range of payment methods, they provide a real-time view of sales, stock levels, customer data and much more.

Ingenico Tetra — integrated payments on the go

Ingenico’s smart terminals enable businesses to accept all payment methods including contactless, chip-and-PIN and swipe in a simple, secure and cost-effective way. Ideal for fast-paced environments, transactions can be completed any time, anywhere — whether at the counter, or on the go for faster queue busting. Plus, as Ingenico Tetra combines payment and business applications in one user-friendly and intuitive interface, business owners spend less time aligning front and back-office operations and more time creating a great customer experience.

using the Coffee2Go Card Machine

Coffee2Go steps up its service with Ingenico Card Terminals

Coffee2Go, a buzzing cafe on the corner of busy Baggot Street and Mespil Road on Dublin’s southside, opens at 7am every weekday — and co-owner Grainne McDonnell will tell you that most mornings there’s a queue out the door. It’s a neighbourhood favourite that opened in 2007 and serves as a pitstop for people seeking excellent coffee on their way to work. It’s popular at lunchtime too. A mobile POS plays a key role in keeping customers happy and queues moving during peak times. Let’s take a look at how Ingenico Tetra has improved Coffee2Go’s customer experience.

2 women using BOIPA's easy to use terminals

Faster, streamlined service

For a business that serves an average of 20,000 customers per month, Grainne knows that her clientele’s time is precious and that long wait times can cost sales. Not to mention, people are carrying less cash than ever and no one wants to stand in a queue only to discover they can’t pay for their order with a card when they reach the counter.

Thanks to the Ingenico Tetra card terminals, provided by BOI Payment Acceptance, card transactions have increased by a massive 600% since the system was introduced in 2017 and overall sales are up 10%. Moreover, Grainne’s customers can simply tap and go when paying for orders under €30, which speeds things up during the busy breakfast and lunch rushes. Today, 56% of Coffee2Go’s overall sales are paid by card, which has grown monthly since the Visa contactless terminal was added two years ago.

Improving admin processes

In addition to processing basic transactions quickly, the Ingenico system also ensures a steady flow of cash into the cafe’s bank account daily and performs much of the admin, so cashing out at the end of the end day is faster and easier. On average, Grainne and her staff save about 30 minutes a day and don’t have to make as many trips to the bank for lodgements or coins. So, not only does the integrated system ensure that Coffee2Go is providing its customers with the best in-store experience, but it also simplifies the cafe’s operational processes. That’s not all, Ingenico Tetra offers a full spectrum of wireless connectivity (3G and 4G, GPRS, Dual SIM, Bluetooth and WiFi), which allows the Coffee2Go staff to ring up sales anywhere in the cafe, safe in the knowledge that all data is synced and secure.

Looks good, performs great

Ingenico Tetra is quick and easy to set up, taking just 10 minutes to install, so Grainne and her staff were up and running in no time at all. Plus, dedicated support and training from BOI Payment Acceptance makes it easy to show new staff members how to use all the device’s functions, which ensures Coffee2Go’s customer service is always first rate.

It looks good too — because the system takes up hardly any room, it opens up counter space to display more products, which improves customer interaction and helps with sales. Staff can simply pass the terminal over the counter for customers to tap or swipe. In fact, Coffee2Go has seen an increase of around 28% in average transaction value (ATV) since introducing Visa contactless.

using the Coffee2go payment terminal


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