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Introducing Mastercard Instalment Payments

Today’s consumers are looking for smarter ways to shop and with that want flexible access to credit for those one-off, higher value purchases. They want greater control of their spend and their money, which includes avoiding extended periods of debt. However, they are also less inclined to save up for large purchases, preferring instead to ‘buy now and pay later’.

In doing so, consumers want payments to be fast, flexible and transparent with easier-to-follow repayment plans. Mastercard Instalments offers that flexible payment solution giving consumers quick, preapproved access to funds using existing credit card limits with no extra credit checks or form filling. Consumers keep control through clear, easy-to-understand charges and payment schedules.

Grow spend

Expensive items are more attainable when cardholders have the option to pay in instalments, which helps you grow more sales.


Differentiate your service by offering cardholders another way to pay that is easy to use and allows for better budget control.

Customer satisfaction

Deliver a better customer experience buying online.

Instalments gives Mastercard cardholders the choice to split purchases into equal monthly instalments if their bank has enabled it. This means that they are given the flexibility to decide how much they want to pay each month. The service is optional and can be used for any purchase, subject to criteria*, from any approved Mastercard on the BOIPA Payment Gateway.

How it works


Cardholder begins online checkout


Cardholder offer of Instalments


Cardholder selects plan duration and creates plan


Cardholder reviews order and completes transaction


Cardholder views thank you page and receives push notification from their bank

What it means

There are no additional charges to your business in offering this service to your customers, this service simply allows the card holder to enter into a credit arrangement with their issuing bank.

Funds will be in your account the next working day, the same as any other transaction, the credit arrangement is  funded by your customers card issuing bank.

This functionality is enabled by us on your payment gateway, meaning no downtime or changes required to your online store.

MC Installments BOIPA

*Minimum, purchase of €250. Only available to eligible merchants and on Mastercard credit cards where instalment payments has been enabled by the card issuing Bank.


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