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Strawberries from Greenhill Fruit Farm of Wexford - Now Accepting Card Payments through BOIPA

Greenhill Fruit Farm, home of Wexford strawberries, now accepting contactless payments

Summer refreshment is just a card touch away now that Greenhill Fruit Farm, the home of Wexford strawberries, has signed up for contactless payments.

The farm’s strawberry stalls, which are common roadside landmarks during the summertime, have been equipped with GPRS-enabled contactless payment terminals that will allow shoppers to pay with minimal fuss even in remote locations.

The new contactless terminals will be provided by BOI Payment Acceptance (BOIPA), a technology alliance between the Bank of Ireland and EVO Payments International. Contactless payment allows businesses to process more transactions, and benefit from reduced cash handling costs and less exposure to theft or misappropriation of cash. Today, two million Irish adults carry contactless debit or credit cards and a further 35,000 Irish businesses offer contactless payment facilities.

Following the announcement, Barry Gray, Head of Marketing at BOI Payment Acceptance, said: “We’re extremely pleased to support Greenhill Fruit Farm with BOIPA contactless payment technology. For many, the appearance of Wexford strawberry stalls marks the coming of long summer days and warm weather. “Until now, for customers without cash, the only option was to either drive to the nearest ATM and back, or do without. For Greenhill, this meant a lost sale. “Contactless payment solves that problem, allowing both seller and buyer to complete the transaction in less time than it would typically take to count change or process a traditional card payment. In addition, the prevalence of contactless payments means less cash on-site, which in turn makes stalls less vulnerable to robberies.

“In short, GPRS connectivity allows Greenhill to sell strawberries with contactless tech wherever they are—at road sides around the country, or at a food festival in Dublin.”

Eamonn Crean, Managing Director of Greenhill Fruit Farms, said: “We are delighted to sign up to BOIPA’s contactless payment service. We have been selling our famous Wexford strawberries at roadsides and festivals around the country for over 27 years. “The introduction of contactless payments will make it easier and quicker than ever before for customers to purchase our famous strawberries and enjoy a taste of the Irish summer.”