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Bluetooth Terminal Troubleshooting

For the terminal to be able to connect and transact, the following need to be displayed on the terminal screen:

  • “Eth” must be displaying on the top left of the terminal screen
  • “Bluetooth” and a code below must be displaying on the top right of the terminal screen

No Connection

Connection loss can be caused due to a number of different reasons including, no power, no ethernet connection and no bluetooth connection.

Base does not have power

  • Plug symbol is displaying on terminal screen: terminal base has power
  • Plug symbol is not displaying on terminal screen: terminal base does not have power
  • If plug symbol is not displaying, check that the terminal base power cable is correctly plugged into the base and into the power socket

Check for ethernet connection

  • If Capital E, small th (Eth) is displaying on terminal screen, it is successfully connected to the internet via Ethernet cable.
  • To check for Ethernet connection:
    • Press Menu
    • Scroll to connection test
  • If Eth is displaying, connection test should be successful

No broadband signal

  • If there is no signal coming from broadband, Eth will display on the screen in capital letters (ETH)
  • To correct this, restart the router or if there is another internet point on the modem, connect to a different port

Eth is not displaying on screen

  • Check base power
  • Check that the Ethernet cable is secured

Check for bluetooth connection

  • If the word “Bluetooth” with a code below it is displaying on the top right of the terminal screen, the base and terminal are paired. Eth will also display
  • If “Bluetooth” and the code below are not appearing, the terminal is no longer paired with the base.
  • To reconnect the base and terminal follow these steps:
    • Press the yellow button
    • Enter your password
    • Scroll down to Bluetooth profile
    • Select new base
    • Press the green button
    • Terminal will re-pair with base
  • If terminal displays Association Successful, the terminal and base have re-paired
  • if the terminal displays Association Failure, the terminal has failed to re-pair with the base and further steps are required:
    • Remove the terminal from the base and place back on base
    • If failure continues, restart terminal. To restart terminal:
      • Hold down yellow button and decimal point simultaneously until terminal powers down
      • Press the green button to restart terminal

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