Case study

Deano’s Woodfired Pizza:
A slice of Naples in Dublin suburbia

With over a decade’s experience under his hospitality belt, Jordan Grossman, owner of Deano’s Woodfired Pizza in Walkinstown, has carved out an appreciation of planning that blends with his culinary passion and skills. This flows right from preparing and kneading the dough through to when his customers tap to pay after ordering. With most opting to pay by card or digital wallet, he needed a payment provider he could fully rely on—with BOI Payment Acceptance delivering both the payment solution and support to keep the wood fires burning.

Jordan gives his insights into what has made Deano’s a success story and why responsive support from a payment provider is something businesses can’t be without.

Tuesday is a rest day for Deano’s Woodfired Pizza. While it’s closed after another bustling weekend over a flaming hot pizza oven to fuel an ever-growing queue of customers, that doesn’t mean the work stops for owner, Jordan Grossman. There’s dough to be prepared for the welcomed onslaught of weekly orders. Potatoes, too, need prepping for the pizzeria’s irresistible nduja ‘tatties’.

Preparation is a key ingredient to the community institution’s success with pizza-loving aficionados now travelling from further afield to this culinary mecca at the Walkinstown roundabout. The hatch opens at 5pm from Wednesday to Friday, and 4pm from Saturday to Sunday, with supplies and ingredients already prepped for busy days ahead. As Jordan weaves with familiarity through his kitchen environment, he carries the assurances of a person meeting the moment.

Trailblazing ingredients

With his pizza skills grounded from Naples, over 4 years plying his trade as a pizzaiola in a popular Dublin pizzeria, as well as experience in running his own bakery, Jordan had earned his stripes before opening his own pizza business.

The benefits are telling with Deano’s continually looking to enhance their offering through informed experimentation, most recently with the dough and a unique take on Irish ‘roasties’. “We’ve moved to a Neapolitan flour, high in protein and with more grain, that we’re finding delivers a better crust to our pizza bases. The nduja patties are flying out and we haven’t even officially put them on the menu. The mix of herbs, oil and nduja is a match made in heaven.”

One area the business has stayed with tried and tested methods is card payments, where he has been with BOIPA from the start.

“When I started out, I went to Bank of Ireland for our business banking and they suggested BOIPA as a card payments provider. I’ve been with them for about four years - ever since I started my baking business - and now with Deano’s. And, I haven’t looked back.”

Preferences met with woodfired pizza and seamless payment experiences

Boasting fresh or carefully sourced ingredients, like their in-house pesto on their Piazza Dante or the Italian salami on their famous Spaccanapoli, has set the business apart with customers blown away by the ingredients and the combinations.

“As a business we got it right from the start and that has set our standards high. And, we’re keeping up with our customers' expectations and preferences for top quality ingredients. We have many customers that now drop by a couple of times every week! That’s a sign we’re doing things right.”

That same appetite to meet both first-time visitors and regulars’ preferences stretches to card payments.

“Everyone pays with their card or mobile phone these days. Taking payment is our last interaction with a customer. So, it needs to be smooth. We’re able to do that with BOIPA and it keeps our workspace flowing.”

Service as standard from BOIPA

Keeping the workspace flowing came under pressure when their card terminal stopped working earlier this year but, with BOIPA having field engineers operating across the country as part of their support service, they were able to remedy this issue quickly.

“We had an issue with the terminal but within 24 hours a BOIPA field engineer called out and set us up with a new one. Getting this resolved so quickly was huge as it made sure we could take payments coming into another busy weekend.”

With a hard-working team of just four, having this support from a service provider is crucial.

“As an independent business owner, you do it all, from social media and marketing to ordering supplies, bookkeeping and working shifts with the team. Distractions have business impacts, so you need a provider whose service can help you to keep focused on what matters. I’m delighted BOIPA stepped up when we needed their support.”

Payments aren’t a problem

Naples’ influence remains present at Deano’s Woodfired Pizzeria, as the business’ weekly delights continue to attract customers from local and far-flung destinations. With BOIPA as their payment provider, taking payments and getting paid, with settled funds deposited into their account the next working day, aren’t problems—allowing the pizzeria to concentrate on doing what they do best.

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