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Who are the different parties involved in card payments?

Although a card payment only takes a few seconds to be completed in real time, there are a few steps that the transaction must go through before it is approved and this involves a few different parties.

visa_icon_consumer_male_blu_rgb_72    The Cardholder

  • This is the customer who presents the credit or debit card in order to pay for goods or services. With BOIPA terminals the cardholder has the option to pay using chip and pin or by contactless for transactions up to €30.


visa_icon_merchant_shop_blu_rgb_72Retailer / Merchant

  • The retailer or merchant sells goods or services to the cardholder. This sale can take place face-to-face (in a shop or restaurant), online or over the phone depending on the type of business.



The Acquirer

  • The acquirer provides card procssing services to the merchant. It is their job to receive to the card transaction details from the terminal and pass them onto the card schemes. The acquirer supplies terminals or gateways (online) to the merchant.



Card Schemes

  • Card schemes are the big card brands that manage and set the rules for card payment processing. These include MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB etc. It is the job of the card schemes to check the that the cards are legitimate and to pass the details onto the issuer.



The Issuer

  • The issuer is the bank, financial institution or building society that provides debit or credit cards to the customer. It is the job of the issuing bank to ensure that there is enough money in the account of the customer to pay for the goods or services.

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