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Dynamic Currency Conversion

Good for you.

Great for your customers.

What is DCC?

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is a service that gives your international  customers the convenience and choice to pay the bill in their own currency rather than in Euro. You’ll receive a rebate from BOI Payment Acceptance with each DCC transaction, so the more international business you do, the more you grow your revenue.

How does DCC work?


Your BOIPA Terminal will automatically identify international credit and debit cards during the authorisation stage.

DCC Offer

If BOIPA identify an international card, your customer may be offered the choice to pay in their home currency. To assist them in their choice, your customer will be able to view the foreign exchange rate, margin and final price so they can choose whether to pay in the local or home currency.


Regardless of the choice your customer makes, BOIPA will always settle the transaction in your terminal currency, for the full sale amount.


At the end of each month, BOIPA will calculate a rebate payable as a credit to your merchant services statement in respect of DCC transactions processed on your terminal.

Business Benefits

More choice for your customers

Your international customers can use your BOIPA terminal to pay in their home currency without you having to worry about foreign exchange rates or handling multiple currencies.

Accept a wide range of currencies

Your BOIPA terminal has been configured to handle all major currencies – over 40 in total.

Earn a rebate

We will credit you a rebate on your BOIPA statement, subject to the terms and conditions in your Payment Acceptance Agreement.

Customer Benefits

Price transparency

Your customer enjoys full transparency of foreign exchange costs.


Customers have the choice to select to pay in their home currency to accept the exchange rate and convert the transaction immediately. This is the final price in the customer’s currency.

Nothing is hidden

Each receipt shows the amount in euro, the conversion rate, and the amount in the customer’s home currency.


Request FREE DCC Collateral

If your an existing BOIPA customer, fill in the form below and we will send some free DCC collateral to you.