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Card Terminals fit for any business

Key Benefits of Our Card Terminals:

Lock icon to indicate that BOIPA ensures that customers are protected anywhere

Protected Anywhere

We use industry best practices for full encryption of our POS card payment terminals, continuously enhance our security technologies, and are fully compliant with PCI and scheme rules.

Network Icon to show that BOIPA terminals are optimized for connectivity through bluetooth, wifi, and 4G

Stay Connected and Always On

Combine connection types like WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and 4G so that your terminal is always online and ready to accept payments, wherever you are.

Support icon to show the customer support BOIPA offers

Backed By Our Support Team

Our card terminals are built to last, but in the unlikely event that your terminal goes down, we have a 24/7 support team ready to help. Our BOIPA engineers are located across the country, ensuring that we are quick to respond if you need a site visit or terminal replacement.

Find Your New POS Terminal

the Ingenico Tetra Desk 3500 card terminal

The Ingenico Tetra Desk 3500 card terminal with Contactless functionality. This card terminal is the perfect solution for businesses with fixed points of sale e.g bars, shops etc.

The Ingenico Tetra Move 3500 3G card terminal with Contactless functionality

The Ingenico Tetra Move 3500 3G card terminal with Contactless functionality is ideal for businesses that need to accept credit card payments without WiFi or away from telephone lines. The GPRS terminal uses the same technology as mobile phones and can be used anywhere in the country.

The Ingenico Tetra Move 3500 3G card terminal with Contactless functionality

The Ingenico Tetra Move 3500 card terminal with Contactless functionality is a portable devices that come with its own charging base. This device is connected to either wifi or bluetooth or both and is great for businesses that move around their premises e.g restaurants

The Ingenico Self 200 terminal with Contactless functionality is a powerful contactless module to fit any self-service solution in transportation, retail and hospitality. This device is perfect for unattended payment collection e.g toll roads.

Modernise your business with an Android SmartPOS terminal. BOI Payment Acceptance has teamed up with PAX, a leading provider of POS technology solutions to provide your business with the payment tools it needs to take payments anytime, anywhere.

You’re in Good Company

Every day, thousands of businesses like yours rely on BOI Payment Acceptance to get paid. Explore their success stories and get inspiration for your own business.



Jysk Store in Naas, Co. Kildare

Connolly Motors


the exterior of connolly motor group building

Wineport Lodge


The exterior of Wineport Lodge building - a client of BOI Payment Acceptance (BOIPA)

Kopper Hairsalon

Hair & Beauty

the exterior of kopper hair salon

Coffee 2 Go

Food & Drink

the exterior of coffee 2 go building

Why Choose BOI Payment Acceptance For Your Business?


BOIPA is the leading credit and debit machine provider in Ireland. We know selecting the right point of sale system is an important investment that will help contribute to your business’s success.

Whether you’re setting up a new small business or looking to switch provider, we have a range of card terminals to help you processes credit and debit card transactions. If you have fixed points of sale (in a shop or hotel reception, for example), our countertop card terminals are perfectly suited.

If you operate in a busier environment (maybe a restaurant or bar), then our portable Bluetooth, cradle-based terminal is for you.

Or if you are more mobile or function away from telephone lines, then our mobile, GPRS based card terminals (which use the same technology as a mobile phone) are the ones for you.

Regardless of which you choose, you’ll be getting industry-leading technology that will support your business for years to come.

All of our terminals come with contactless functionality. Find out more about Contactless Payments.

an interaction between a barista and customer using BOIPA's card terminals


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