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Gift Cards

BOIPA terminals accept One 4 All and From Me 2 You gift cards. In order to accept the gift cards you simply contact the gift card companies and they will walk you through the setup. You will need your merchant ID to enable your account. The gift cards are MasterCard cards so they will process like any other MasterCard transaction and payments may also be accepted through your website. The gift card transactions will be reported as MasterCard transactions on your card terminals or website.

How to perform a gift card sale?

Swipe the card through the magnetic stripe reader and follow the instructions on the card terminal. If the card is not accepted please contact the relevant gift card companies to ensure the Merchant ID is correctly setup. Funds will be received as usual. If you wish to have POS merchandise and window decals please contact the gift card companies directly.

One4all: 01 8708102

FromMe2You: 1850 911 888

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