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Frequently Asked Questions

My terminal is displaying please send package and I cannot process any transactions.

Your terminal did not settle (send funds to the bank) at the end of business yesterday; this needs to be done to be able to process transactions

  • Press Menu (Top right button)
  • Select Settlement (option 2)
  • A settlement will be performed and terminal will print out an end of day statement.
  • You will now be able to use the terminal as normal
I need to add additional functions to my terminal

Please contact our support department on 1800 806670 or send an email to our support team in the form below to have functions added.

*Please be aware that for some functions additions there is a requirement for risk assessment. We may require some documentation. 

My terminal is Unresponsive
  • Simultaneously hold down the yellow button and decimal point
  • The terminal will then restart.
  • Terminal should now function normally


* If you have further difficulties please contact our support department on 1800 806 670

I am changing internet provider and have a Broadband enabled terminal.

Once you have changed to your new provider please contact our support department on

1800 806670 and we will configure the changes for you. Alternatively send an email to our support team in the form below.

How do I access my monthly statements and invoices?

You can access the business resource centre by clicking here.


  • To login in for the first time click on the “create account link”, enter your merchant account number and the last 4 digits of the Bank Account provided on your merchant application
  • If you have logged in before please use email provided at time of sign up with your password.
I am receiving response codes when transactions are rejected?

Transactions can be rejected for a number of reasons the primary reasons are as below:

  • 01 – Contact support – This is when an authorisation code is required from the card issuer’s bank and can be obtained by contacting the customer support team.
  • 51 – Insufficient funds
  • 05 – Do not honour – please refer card holder to card issuer
  • 17 – Card has been removed before transaction has completed or red button has been pressed and transaction cancelled.
My end of day settlement print out states invalid balances

This is usually down to a voided or rejected transaction on the terminal before settlement.

  • Check if settlement amount on receipt matches total transacted amount for the day.
    • If yes – issue was caused by the voided/rejected transaction and the error is a fail safe to check that full settlement amount is received.
    • If no – Please send in copy of settlement receipt along with missing transactions to
My Terminal is not printing receipts or receipts are blank

All BOIPA terminals are thermal printers, so the paper can only be loaded in in one way.

  • Lift the clip at the front of the terminal so a roll can be inserted.
  • The roll needs to be inserted so it is facing away and paper is fed from the top of the roll.
  • Once inserted correctly you will be able to print receipts as normal.


If receipts are still not printing:

  • Lift the clip at the front of the terminal again
  • There is a roller on the front of the terminal with a black cog on the right hand side; if this cog is missing you will be unable to print receipts.
  • Please contact our support department
I need to order till rolls

You can order till rolls from the following website:


*The size requirement is 57mm x 40mm x 12.7mm

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