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Cards Accepted

You can accept all the major card brands using your BOIPA terminal. These include Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay International (UPI) and American Express.

visa is accepted by BOIPA terminals
Mastercard is accepted by BOIPA terminals
Union Pay is accepted by BOIPA terminals
American Express is accepted by BOIPA terminals

How to enable American Express acceptance?

BOI Payment Acceptance have an established relationship with Elavon in order to enable American Express on BOIPA terminals. To enable AMEX on your BOIPA terminal, please call 1800 995 085. Elavon/Amex will email you the paperwork to sign and send back in via email or fax. Once the paperwork is received it will take 5-7 business days to process.

The fee for enabling AMEX on your terminal is €99 – this is an Elavon charge applied to any business looking to accept American Express. It will be collected the first month the account is open i.e. if the account is open prior to the 16th of the month it will be charged in that month and after the 16th it will be the following month.

If you are a Bank of Ireland customer you will receive your funds the next banking day after they are processed and non-Bank of Ireland customers will be 2 banking days after.

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