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Contactless Payments


The smarter way to pay

Why Contactless?

Fast: No need to enter a PIN or wait for change.

Simple: Just touch the reader with your contactless card.

Secure: Same as chip & PIN so you are protected against fraud

….over 3 million contactless cards and 35,000+ retail outlets

‘Contactless’ is a way for your customers to pay by card by just touching the card against the card terminal. It is a very quick, easy, secure  and convenient way for customers to pay. You can pay for any transaction up to €30 with contactless.

All of the main Banks have issued contactless enabled Debit or Credit cards to their customers. This means that almost anyone in the Republic of Ireland are now able to make contactless payments.

All of our terminals are the latest Ingenico devices with Contactless functionality, so by signing up with BOIPA you too can experience the ease and convenience of Contactless

Touch and pay with Contactless

3 Easy steps

Look for the contactless symbol on your Debit Card/at the Till

Touch and Pay by holding your card flat against the Terminal

Wait for the Beep and Go! For any transaction up to €30

Contactless Clinics

We are proud to announce the launch of our Contactless clinics which will be held in Bank Of Ireland branches around the country. The aim of these clinics is to demonstrate how simple and easy it is to accept Contactless payments. With over 1 million Contactless transactions being made weekly, now is the time to learn about Contacless; the smarter way to pay.

For more information and FAQs, visit Visa

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