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Card Data Security: The Basics

Card data security is important in order to prevent hackers from accessing cardholder data. By obtaining the account number and other sensitive information the hacker can impersonate and steal from unsuspecting card holders.


credit card data security diagram showing what each piece of information on card means.


The card holds very sensitive customer data and that is why it needs to be treated with care, particularly when stored by businesses. Information on the back of the card should never be stored.

Cardholder data can be stolen from numerous places. A compromised card reader, payment system databases, an unsecure wifi or wired network, and even a piece of paper in a filing cabinet or on a desk.

The easiest way to protect against card fraud is to not store any cardholder data, however if this is not an option for your business, you can prevent fraud by ensuring the following are secure:

  • Card readers
  • POS systems
  • Wireless networks
  • Online payment sytems
  • Shopping carts
  • Payment data
  • Payment data stored on paper

By implementing and maintaining secure card data strorage processes your business can prevent card data fraud and ensure that customer’s trust in your business remains.

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