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Apple & Android Pay: The Basics

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a contactless payment feature found on Apple devices such as the iPhone or Apple Watch, it allows secure transactions over contactless technology. Currently Apple Pay is only available to customers who bank with KBC & Ulster Bank.

Devices: Apple Pay will work with an iPhone 6/6+ and later models including the iPhone SE, or Apple Watch.

Android Pay

Android Pay is a contactless payment feature found on Android devices such as the Samsung or HTC, it allows secure transactions over contactless technology. Android Pay launched in Ireland in December to customers  who bank with AIB or KBC.

Devices: Android Pay will work with any Android phone with version 4.4 KitKat or higher Installed, and has an NFC chip inside.

How do Apple and Android Pay work?

Just like a contactless transaction with a card, when it says move card closer on the terminal, the customer holds their device over the terminal.

On an Android phone, if the phone is locked and the transaction is above €30, the terminal will prompt saying “follow the phone instructions”, the phone will then require the unlock code in order to complete the transaction. If the transaction is below €30 it will complete without passcode verification/phone unlocking.

On Apple phones for all transactions it will prompt them to verify via passcode/touch ID, once this is performed it will allow the transaction to process. If the customer does not verify using the passcode/touch ID, the terminal will beep to notify them.

Is there a limit to the transaction amount?

Currently there are no limits imposed by BOIPA on contactless Apple Pay/Android Pay transactions, however, the issuing banks single transaction limit applies. The limit varies depending on the card type and issuing bank.

How will this affect BOIPA merchants?

There will be no change required on the system in order to facilitate Apple Pay/Android Pay, all of our terminals are already Apple Pay and Android Pay enabled, allowing you to accept these types of payments.

Is it a secure/non secure contactless transaction?

Apple Pay/Android Pay is considered a secure transaction. Unlike a normal contactless transaction that has no chip/pin security, Apple Pay/Android Pay is secured through a pass code or Touch ID (Apple Devices Only) on the device. Since a card does not need to be present, there’s less likelihood of a stolen number. It also uses tokenisation, which replaces card details with a unique reference number, further reducing the chances of card details being stolen.