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Android Pay -BOI Payment Acceptance

Android Pay & Apple Pay

The introduction of access cards in the 1970’s brought about a huge amount of uncertainty amongst Irish customers, as did the introduction of contactless payments 30 years later. So it’s no surprise that when Android Pay was made available to Irish customers last month, the announcement was met with caution by some.

To some it’s new, it’s different and it’s scary, but in reality it’s a positive technological advancement that will make the way we buy and sell goods and services simple, secure and quick for businesses and their customers.

Although mobile contactless payments have only recently been made available in Ireland, they have in fact been around for nearly 3 years. Apple was the first smartphone brand to launch their payments platform in 2014, they were followed closely by Google and their Android Pay system and Samsung Pay was launched soon after.

Apple Pay is now available in 13 countries and is accepted in more than 2.5 million locations in the United States. What’s more, mobile transactions were up 500 percent last year and it is even simplifying how consumers travel. In 2015, Transport for London introduced mobile contactless payments, allowing commuters to pay for their journeys using their smartphones or wearables, making it even simpler to ‘tap’ and literally ‘go’.

So why are other countries quick to embrace this form of payment?


One of the main advantages of mobile contactless payments is that it is simple. Once customers have their card stored on their smartphone they only need to hold their phone near the card terminal and approve the transaction using their fingerprint.


A big concern amongst consumers about this type of payment is security, however it is actually one of the most secure ways to pay. Since a card does not need to be present, there’s less likelihood of a stolen number. It also uses tokenisation, which replaces card details with a unique reference number, further reducing the chances of card details being stolen.


Mobile contactless transactions are processed within a couple of seconds, reducing queue times and speeding up the payments process, creating a better experience for customers.


We can expect the popularity for contactless and mobile payments to continue to increase in the coming year, with the launch of Apple Pay in Ireland seeming imminent. The good news is that all BOIPA terminals come with advanced technology allowing our customers to accept this form of payment.