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Contactless Increase Terminal Update

In light of the increase in contactless card payments as a result of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) we are inviting our merchants to update their terminal(s) to increase the limit on contactless transactions from €30 up to €50. Simply follow the below 6 step process to update your terminal – it should take less than 5 minutes, but possibly up to 40 minutes. As this process requires performing an end-of-day settlement we recommend you do it at the beginning or end of your businesses operating hours.

6 step process

  1. Press yellow to access the ADMINISTRATOR mode.
  2. Enter Password 123456 (default) and press green.
  3. In The Admin Menu scroll down to option number 5 “TMS connection”.
  4. This will start the TMS download process. The terminal will first perform an End-of-day settlement before downloading and updating the terminal.
  5. The terminal update can take up to 40 mins depending on the connection type, and speed of the connection.
  6. Once the terminal completes the Download and returns to the home screen, the terminal is ready for use.

Download a PDF of these instructions here.

Please note that your terminal(s) can also take mobile wallet payments (e.g. Apple Pay or Google Pay) with no maximum transaction value limit.

Should you have any queries please contact our helpdesk via webchat on or by emailing