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Dynamic Currency Conversion

5 benefits of offering Dynamic Currency Conversion

What is Dynamic Currency Conversion?

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is an easy and simple way to offer your International customers transparent payment solutions. DCC gives customers with an non-euro debit/credit card the opportunity to pay in their own currency rather than in the local currency where they are making the purchase. There are many benefits of accepting DCC for both your business and your customers.

Benefits for your business and your customers

  1. Improved customer service. By accepting DCC you can provide your international customers with an extra service as they can pay in their home currency.
  2. Increased sales potential. Gain additional sales potential and increase the number of international customers.
  3. Earn a rebate. With BOIPA you can earn a rebate from each DCC transaction you process.
  4. DCC is free. Adding DCC to your BOIPA terminal is completely free of charge and doesn’t carry any additional fees.
  5. Reduce chargebacks and disputes. With DCC there are no exchange rate surprises for your customers when they receive their statements.


DCC is automatically activated on all BOIPA terminals so the next time a customer comes in with an non-euro debit/credit card you can offer them currency conversion.